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“She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit.” — W. Somerset Maughan

Weekend Review: “Sweeter than a cherry pie with Reddi-Whip topping”

It appears WordPress does not have a widget that functions like TypePad’s “Media List,” which allows the author to rave about/identify/plug different media items they’re enjoying–or trying to impress their reader(s) by pretending to enjoy. So I guess I’ll do it with a homegrown post. Get comfortable.

On DVD: Mad Men, Season 1

As previously intimated, I’m jonesin’ pretty bad for some fresh Mad Men. Since I’ve no idea when Season 3 is coming out, and Season 2 isn’t available until Summer, it appears, I rummage to the back of the sock drawer for Season 1. It’s not all stems and seeds, but it’s just whetting my appetite to see how 1963 will end (apparently with some national calamity, I read in a fan forum).

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It’s kinda like my old world, but significantly rocked.

The Huffington Post: The Simpsons’ New Opening Sequence

I imagine this is what November 4, 2008 was like for old white guys. Maybe I should be nicer to them now.

Nah, f*ck it.

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The disease of Maddiction


It’s rough when it’s bone dry, and no word on Season 3’s premiere date. Guess I’ll have to revel in the glory of fixes past.


Hey, who's had two doubles and doesn't give a shit?

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Time for my ‘Break’


March 8, set your recording devices appropriately.

It’s chemistry, bitches!

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