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Why should he be?

Obama on Spot Over a Benefit to Gay Couples

Mr. Obama is in a tough spot. If he supports…denying [same sex partner] benefits to the San Francisco court employees, he risks agitating liberal groups that helped him win election. If he supports the judges and challenges the marriage act, he risks alienating Republicans with whom he is seeking to work on economic, health care and numerous other matters.

Risks alienating them? Roll the fucking dice, Barry. What’ll really happen? Hayseeds everywhere will think you’re a gay Islamic terrorist alien Socialist abortionist? Whip out a stack of Franklins and blow that political capital on coke and whores. Gay whores. Gay whores whose life partners deserve the same benefits ours do.

Is it lost on Obama that, owing to prejudiced laws like DOMA, his own parents wouldn’t have been allowed to marry in a third of our states until he was six years old? I don’t think it can be. I understand he’s pretty bright.

Gary L. Bauer, president of American Values, a conservative advocacy group, said that if Mr. Obama extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal workers, he would “provoke a furious grass-roots reaction, reinvigorate the conservative coalition and undermine his efforts to portray himself as a moderate on social issues.”

A “furious grass-roots reaction?” You mean like a “[S]econd American revolution” or something? Somebody call the cops (only hide the coke and gay whores first).

Fuck the bigots and fuck their votes. It’s 2009, and this is no less than a moral imperative.

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Bitches. Just bitches.

Conservatives angry over Michelle Obama’s trip to homeless shelter

“Today’s ‘poor’ are the rich Jesus warned you about: fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people’s…”

— Psychotic Hellspawn Kathy Shaidle

I’m not sure any further commentary is called for here.

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Is it time to freak out now?


Dow Below 6,800; Lowest Close Since ’97

If not, tell me when it is. I’ll be cleaning out the bedroom my parents will move into.

Oh yeah. In my despondency, I almost forgot:

Your obligatory anguished trader reaction shot

Your obligatory anguished trader reaction shot

They’re even better here.

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Would you look at this shit?


I ask you, what avian spawn of hell, in a million years, if he were trying?

To birds of the Southern Birmingham-Hoover Metroplex: This act of naked aggression will not go unanswered. Bitches.

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“Sunday morning in our quiet little white-bred redneck [pathologically f*cked up] mountain town”

Actually, it was only an afternoon, but time enough for me to document something I didn’t think existed anywhere anymore, save for a bigot’s booze-soaked memory. But as no fewer than three shopkeepers asked me to move along, and more than one subject eyed me suspiciously, I documented…well, first the positive. The weekend trip was actually to Cherokee, NC, and it was actually very nice. As this photo will show:


See, nice, huh? Now, as much as I dislike dwelling on the negative, I know pretty pictures like the above aren’t going to hold your attention for long. To that end (and because people need to be aware of this shit), I snapped a few pictures during the afternoon–I make it the better part of 4 hours total–spent in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Yes, it’s sad that this is all I’d want to share from an otherwise relaxing weekend, but it’s the squeaky wheel.  I don’t make the rules.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re viewing this at work, be aware that the images below the fold contain messages and symbols of hate–so don’t get fired or offend that new employee who’s cool and who’s a person of color and to whom you’ve finally proven that you’re really not racist. Honest. You’ve got a “Yes We Can” bumper sticker thumb-tacked to your cubicle wall.  And you could have sworn they noticed the Miles Davis CD you left out on your desk the other day–even though you’ve been listening exclusively to your iPod at work for close to two years now. I mean, what more proof does he/she need already? Besides, isn’t it really about me, the uncomfortable white person, and to what extent everyone accepts me? Anyway, if they walk up and see this scrolling over your monitor, the weeks you’ve spent trying to impress them will have been time wasted. That, and your company’s Compliance and Diversity Officer may need to speak with you. Can’t say you weren’t warned.

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More evidence that the laid back are dangerous

Salon Michael Phelps: Puppy Torturer (just click through the Site Pass.)

Joe Conason makes several good points, but they all go back to his principal question: Why is marijuana still illegal in the United States?

Whether it’s weed or a glass of wine (and some will say it’s more complicated), I say it comes down to superstition.

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Ah, nativism. That old chestnut.

NYT Editorial: The Nativists Are Restless

In case you’re wondering, nativism looks like this:

Diversity can be good in moderation — if what is being brought in is desirable. Most Americans don’t mind a little ethnic food, some Asian math whizzes, or a few Mariachi dancers — as long as these trends do not overwhelm the dominant culture.

“The dominant culture.” Oh, I chuckle. Looks like it hasn’t occurred to Scared White Guys that “the dominant culture” is already changing, for all their hysteria; it’s just not happening in the U.S.

Pay attention: This era of globalization, I would argue, unlike Globalization 1.0 and 2.0, is not going to be built exclusively around a group of White Western individuals.

See, this is no longer about bad Thai food, or those racist English-only initiatives. But, please, Mr Epstein, smirk at multiculturalism if you will, and dictate from your crumbling cocoon which influences are “desirable. ” But by all means, learn to answer phones for $5,000 a year.  And pick up a book on Hindi. Or eat curry-scented dust.

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Okay, New Plan: We’re a Superfund site!

D.C. Lobbying Firm Declines Jefferson County Work

“Sadly, the decision by some to use the sewer debt crisis for their own ends has created a toxic political landscape around Jefferson County.”

Toxic landscape?”  The joke’s on them.

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