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“She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit.” — W. Somerset Maughan

“Sunday morning in our quiet little white-bred redneck [pathologically f*cked up] mountain town”

Actually, it was only an afternoon, but time enough for me to document something I didn’t think existed anywhere anymore, save for a bigot’s booze-soaked memory. But as no fewer than three shopkeepers asked me to move along, and more than one subject eyed me suspiciously, I documented…well, first the positive. The weekend trip was actually to Cherokee, NC, and it was actually very nice. As this photo will show:


See, nice, huh? Now, as much as I dislike dwelling on the negative, I know pretty pictures like the above aren’t going to hold your attention for long. To that end (and because people need to be aware of this shit), I snapped a few pictures during the afternoon–I make it the better part of 4 hours total–spent in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Yes, it’s sad that this is all I’d want to share from an otherwise relaxing weekend, but it’s the squeaky wheel.  I don’t make the rules.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re viewing this at work, be aware that the images below the fold contain messages and symbols of hate–so don’t get fired or offend that new employee who’s cool and who’s a person of color and to whom you’ve finally proven that you’re really not racist. Honest. You’ve got a “Yes We Can” bumper sticker thumb-tacked to your cubicle wall.  And you could have sworn they noticed the Miles Davis CD you left out on your desk the other day–even though you’ve been listening exclusively to your iPod at work for close to two years now. I mean, what more proof does he/she need already? Besides, isn’t it really about me, the uncomfortable white person, and to what extent everyone accepts me? Anyway, if they walk up and see this scrolling over your monitor, the weeks you’ve spent trying to impress them will have been time wasted. That, and your company’s Compliance and Diversity Officer may need to speak with you. Can’t say you weren’t warned.

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I’m off to Gatlinburg this weekend (I know, it’s kind of tacky, isn’t it?). Maybe I’ll see a bluegrass show or something. Ooh! Or I’ll buy one of those cedar souvenir boxes with “Great Smoky Mountains” carved into it with some type of burning instrument. You know what I mean. One of these:

cedar-boxReally makes a 6-hour drive all worth it, no? But look at me crackin’ wise and callin’ everything tacky like some kind of ingrate. Why, I’m sure there are tons of things I can do.

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