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The nursing crush–I mean ‘crash,’ the nursing crash

Much like Matt Cale, yet not at all like him, Ian Miller is all about his business. Keeping house at, his ‘posts’ are more akin to AJN articles, except readable.

This post about the nursing shortage (surely those not directly affected by it are at any rate aware of it) reads it altogether differently–yet exactly the same–being from an Australian perspective. I appreciate an honest assessment from within a nationalized health care system as an aid in filtering the rhetoric one hears in the U.S., both pro and con.

Worth noting. Miller writes:

Another  solution [to the nursing shortage] has been to recruit nurses from overseas or to poach from other hospitals. Both a little ethically dubious and ultimately unsustainable4.

When I read his original post on the issue of international “poaching” (which occurs ultimately at the expense of developing countries), I printed it up and shared it with a coworker from Kenya, eager for her opinion. (This is the same coworker who derides me for getting my news from the BBC. “They’re so colonialist! What are you thinking?” But that’s a story for another day.) Given her sensitivity to the vestiges of colonialism–which I was at first amazed by since she’s easily 10 years younger than me–I’m sure I need hardly describe her reaction to Miller’s (no doubt innocuously meant) use of  the word “poaching.”  But she is still speaking to me, so it’s all good.


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fullmoon2When returning to work in an ICU after 4 nights off, this is the last thing you want to see on iGoogle. Now, I’m neither religious nor superstitious; I just watch the stuff happen. But I can tell you one thing: someone will be getting 10mg of Haldol tonight.

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