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“She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit.” — W. Somerset Maughan

Expecting different results

This guy.

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford calls for Balance in Media

Langford said that since the media will not be fair to him, he has taken steps to get his message out in other ways, including the online broadcast of City Council meetings, a digital newsletter and DVD presentations of his programs.

Sir, can I point out how little success Richard Scrushy had with that approach?

Langford told the audience of a few dozen that the election of Barack Obama, while momentous, does not make the nation a “post-racial” society. He said racism continues to exist and is perpetuated by the media.

Sir, also, funny story, simply playing on the fact that he was a black man ultimately didn’t work for Scrushy either.

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“To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Arichiblog: The south’s trying to do it again

…watch as Archibald makes short work of the Southern Jeffco suburbs:

Look away. Look away. Look away. Over the Mountain.

Yep, Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos dropped a spark last week when he mentioned, on impulse, the thought of Hoover seceding from Jefferson County. But the idea took hold like a wildfire.

And that was just the start. There has even been talk of Hoover, Mountain Brook, Homewood and Vestavia Hills pulling together to form their own county — where nine of 10 people would be white and median income would triple that of Birmingham.

The cradle of Civil Rights won’t try to go back to separate water fountains for blacks and whites. It’ll have separate counties instead.

Separate but not-so equal? In 2009? It is a good idea only if the goal is to drive a wedge even further into the dysfunctional soul of this community.

There is a tsunami of discontent across all of Jefferson County. Sadly, we do what we always have done. We retreat, and blame those different from us.

I could try to top that, but it’s Sunday and I’m pretty lazy. Well, that and I’d most likely fail. I mean, Jesus, I blew a quote from Nietzsche just to describe Tony Petelos. But read John’s column anyway.

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Okay, New Plan: We’re a Superfund site!

D.C. Lobbying Firm Declines Jefferson County Work

“Sadly, the decision by some to use the sewer debt crisis for their own ends has created a toxic political landscape around Jefferson County.”

Toxic landscape?”  The joke’s on them.

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