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TechBirmingham’s Ecycling Day March 21@ Vulcan Park

Please join us for TechBirmingham’s Ecycling Day at the Clover Crawl on Saturday, March 21, 2009 from 10 AM to 4 PM in the lower parking lot of Vulcan Park.  Technical Knock Out will be on had to assist TechBirmingham with accepting all old electronics except for television sets.

Technical Knock Out will destroy hard drives of donated devices for you. Also, I’m volunteering. So don’t act like you ain’t curious.


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Change showerheads? Ha.

Save water we have rather than building reservoirs, author tells Birmingham audience

“We have had this notion that water is not finite,” said [Jenny] Hoffner, who is director of water efficiency for the Southeast regional office of the advocacy group American Rivers. “But, really, as we go forward, we need to start treating it as a precious resource.”

That is especially true in light of predictions by climate scientists that the region is likely to see more frequent and more acute droughts.

Okay, that ghastly headline notwithstanding, this is something I can get behind. I think most of us realize we must reduce the toll we’re taking on the environment in everyday ways. What’s one approach?

New water ride coming to Alabama Adventure

The brightly colored ride begins at a 47-foot platform and winds its way through a 216-foot flume before plummeting down and back up a vertical half-pipe that splashes riders down into a 25,000-gallon pool.

Wasteful, brightly-colored attractions to distract us from our parched, cracked hellscape, of course.

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