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“She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit.” — W. Somerset Maughan

I guess perspective really is everything.

Three Days of Green: Dow Soars Above 7000

If you had told me a year ago that the above headline would make any sense at all…

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Is it time to freak out now?


Dow Below 6,800; Lowest Close Since ’97

If not, tell me when it is. I’ll be cleaning out the bedroom my parents will move into.

Oh yeah. In my despondency, I almost forgot:

Your obligatory anguished trader reaction shot

Your obligatory anguished trader reaction shot

They’re even better here.

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Well one good thing has come from the meltdown in Detroit.


PT Cruiser: From Hero to Zero

As part of the cuts associated with its viability plan, Chrysler recently announced that it would end production of the PT Cruiser. It was a pretty good run for the retromobile, introduced in 2000 and intended to evoke an old gangster getaway car or hot-rod Model A wagon.

Oh, that’s what it was meant to evoke. My bad; in my nightmares it was always a warped retro-futuristic hellscape wherein Mad Max chases  Toecutter through the set of Cars on crack (or maybe the set of Cars rolling; the set of Cars holding something good anyway). But I’m a layperson. Let’s go to the experts (with my emphasis):

This car is like a classic,” [Dr. Clotaire Rapaille] said. “There are people who collect them and there are Web sites and clubs.” But the PT Cruiser suffered, Dr. Rapaille said, partially because Daimler, which merged with Chrysler in 1998, did not like the car.

Get yours before they’re gone. Nothing holds resale value like a car that’s like a classic.

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I’m off to Gatlinburg this weekend (I know, it’s kind of tacky, isn’t it?). Maybe I’ll see a bluegrass show or something. Ooh! Or I’ll buy one of those cedar souvenir boxes with “Great Smoky Mountains” carved into it with some type of burning instrument. You know what I mean. One of these:

cedar-boxReally makes a 6-hour drive all worth it, no? But look at me crackin’ wise and callin’ everything tacky like some kind of ingrate. Why, I’m sure there are tons of things I can do.

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You know what?

democratic-socialists-of-america-symbolObama Calls for ‘Common Sense’ on Executive Pay

I don’t care if it is socialism.  There.  I said it. Besides, since when is it responsible to dole out welfare without a few rules attached?  If expecting “common sense” in return for billions of dollars and calling people out instead of turning a blind eye to a predatory, years-long orgy of greed is socialism, sign me up.

UPDATE: The fact that David Brooks is sneering so bitterly confirms that I’m on to something.

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Yeah, just leave your keys on the counter.

NYT: Our Love Affair with Shopping Malls Is on the Rocks

Okay, sure:

Before everyone heads past the Foot Locker and down the escalator to the Rainforest Cafe, the bride — a cherubic 19-year-old — leans against a wall in her billowy white dress and explains why she chose this spot for her big day.

Gratuitous sentences like the above are just the NYT hatin’ on Middle America. No argument there. But I still call the decline of consumerism’s gauche cathedrals great news. Great fucking news.

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